Membership benefits

..Every member gets a 10 % discount on entry fees…

As a member of Viking Cats you support our club and get a 10 % discount on show entry fees. If you are a member you can also freely register your cattery and litters on our kitten  and cattery pages (in Danish only). As a member you can also join us in our forum. Membership is our key to survival. Without members, the club cannot survive.

If you’re here to renew an existing membership, log in to the right and the system will handle your information. If you’re here to sign up for membership, thank you! Choose a membership type below:

Regular member: DKK 300,- (handling fee DKK 10,-)

Regular memerships are open to everyone over 18 years of age. Regular members are entitles to one vote per membership. No more than two regular members per household.

Family membership: DKK 450,- (handling fee DKK 10,-)

Family membership is the membership for the entire family. A family member is entitled to two votes and have the same privileges as regular members.

Introduction membership: DKK 200,- (handling fee DKK 10,-)

Introduction memberships are for kitten buyers. So are you a breeder and a member of Viking Cats you can offer this membership to first time members. Are you a kitten buyer, ask your breeder to help you with this membership.