Sunshine Stories”

August 23-24, 2014 – 12 rings

Danhostel Givskud Zoo


Saturday AM:
Katharina Krenn (AB)
Jean-Marc Lagarde (AB)
Phillipa Holmes (AB)
Saturday PM:
Katharina Krenn (SP)
Pascal Rémy (AB)
Jean-Marc Lagarde (SP)
Sunday AM:
Phillipa Holmes (SP)
Pascal Rémy (AB)
Katharina Krenn (AB)
Sunday PM:
Pascal Rémy (SP)
Phillipa Holmes (AB)
Jean-Marc Lagarde (AB)
Open for entries 06/05-2014 through TOES. Show closes on 10/08-2014 or when show hall reaches capacity. NB: Max. 125 entries.

Show Manager – Thomas Schlichting:
Entry Clerk – Jenny Vej:
Vendors, ads, ring sponsors and business sponsors:

Opening hours
Vetting in and check-in 08:00-09:20 Saturday and 08.00-09.00 Sunday. Cats must be in their cages 15 minutes after check in is closed. No cat is allowed to leave the show before all judges are done with their judging without permission of the show manager.
Published show hours will be 10-16 on Saturday and Sunday.

Show hall
Danhostel Givskud Zoo
Løveparkvej 2b
Give, 7323

Show hotel
Danhostel Givskud Zoo
Løveparkvej 2b
Give, 7323

Fees: TBA

You can not book rooms online, since Danhostel has booked all their rooms for us. Please contact them directly and mention Viking Cats.

This show’s theme is Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale Sunshine Stories.

Ad in catalog
Fullpage 350 DKK, halfpage 200 DKK.

Fullpage 950 DKK, halfpage 550 DKK.

Saturday dinner
On Saturday night we’ll have a dinner for judges, exhibitors and guests. It will be a buffet for the price of TBA DKK – enter by sending an email to the entry clerk

Show fees
Please pay at the entry, pay with paypal or make a bank transfer. Follow instructions on confirmation email. Remember your receipt at check in.

Ring sponsors
Ring sponsors are warmly welcome! Please contact if you would like to sponsor our show.

Food and litter
There will NOT be provided litter for participating cats. Please bring your own! People food is available in show hall’s restaurant.

Clerks og stewards
We need clerks and stewards. Please contact info@viking-cats, if you would like to clerk. Thank you!

Vetting in
All cats/kittens entering the show hall must be inoculated against Panleukopenia, Rhinotrachitis and Calici virus. Vaccinations must be at least 14 days old and not older than 1 year, unless your vet has written another date in the passport. Please clip claws (front and back) prior to benching. Any cat/kitten showing signs of contagious illness, ear mites, fleas or fungus will be removed from the show hall, as well as any other cats/kittens exhibiting from the same household. Please note that under the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, we cannot accept entries that have been non-curatively surgically altered except to prevent reproduction.

Cats and kittens
Kittens must be 4 months old to enter competition. Cats that are 8 months or older will compete as adults or alters. HHPs 8 months or older must show proof of altering. Any cat which is obviously pregnant or lactating will be disqualified.

With the exceptions of Preliminary New Breed and Advanced New Breed entries, registration with TICA is not necessary to compete in a cat’s first show.

TICA show rules
TICA show rules will be strictly enforced. By entering, all exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the judges and the show committee. Official show rules can be obtained from TICA, PO Box 2984, Harlingen, TX 78851 or


Entry fees – non-members:
1 cat one day: 330 DKK
2 cats one days: 630 DKK
3 cats one days: 925 DKK1 cat two days: 580 DKK
2 cats two days: 1090 DKK
3 cats two days: 1600 DKK3i1 Special: 1430 DKK

1 cat in double cage or grooming place:
1 day: + 100 DKK
2 days: + 150 DKK

Entry fees – members:
1 cat one day: 300 DKK
2 cats one days: 570 DKK
3 cats one days: 840 DKK1 cat two days: 525 DKK
2 cats two days: 990 DKK
3 cats two days: 1455 DKK3i1 Special: 1300 DKK

1 cat in double cage or grooming place:
1 day: + 75 DKK
2 days: + 120 DKK


+ 50 DKK for catalog
+ 15 DKK to Regional Fund
+ 50 DKK for payment at check-in
+ 10 % for late entries

Questions can be send to